Thursday, June 26, 2008

Holy moly!

After complaining (tongue-in-cheek, to be sure) about the lack of pull-quotes in recent reviews, I was amazed to see a review of "Lagos" by Val Grimm in The Fix that consists of almost nothing but pull-quotes. You can read the whole thing here, but here are my favourites:

“'Lagos' is my favorite piece in this issue, an engrossing and unusual cyberpunk yarn."
"Matthew Johnson skillfully imbues his near-future Nigeria with reality; futuristic, telepresently controlled devices and an extensive use of touch screens coexist with more familiar modern institutions like cube-farms, firewalls, and tech offshoring, which have not yet made inroads in equatorial Africa."
"This is exactly the sort of carefully set, tonally unified, globally aware, and downright unique story I’d like to see more often."

It's hard to ask for a better response than that. Thanks, Val!

PS: Big news coming for Canada Day, once eyes are crossed and Ts dotted. Stay tuned.


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Val Grimm said...

Glad to oblige. Also, send your friends here
Then they can comment on to support my recommendation. Yes, I did recommend a Gord Sellar story as well...but both of you write my favorite sort of SF.

More like this! ( :

of course, don't samey...but you know what I mean.