Monday, June 30, 2008

O Canada

Okay, Canada Day is tomorrow, but I (like all good Canadians) will be at the cottage, so here's my Canada Day post: I just sold my story "The Coldest War" to Asimov's. Why is that my Canada Day post? Because it's my most Canadian story yet, with references to Tim Hortons, Robertson Davies and the Franklin expedition wrapped up in a near-future story about the front lines in an undeclared war between Canada and Denmark! As well as being the most Canadian story I've ever written, it's also the most hard-SF I've ever gone -- it started out as a parody of military SF, but took its own path to something completely different. Not sure when it'll be out yet -- I'm hoping it'll be in early 2009, because I don't have anything sold for that year yet.


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