Monday, June 30, 2014

Starred review from Shelf Awareness

Shelf Awareness has a great review of Irregular Verbs up. Here are the highlights:

Matthew Johnson, little-known despite having been published in a variety of anthologies, here collects some of his deeply original short stories for the first time. In the brilliant Irregular Verbs, Johnson proves that short, well-executed speculative fiction has all the heart-wrenching power of any epic historical novel or contemporary literary fiction. In her introduction, author Helen Marshall describes Johnson as "one of the very best science-fiction and fantasy writers that you've never heard of," and just a story or two from Irregular Verbs proves her point. [...] Certain themes recur: what Johnson considers the quiet, endless tragedy of capitalism, the pain of a partner's death. Whatever the subject, Johnson's treatment is elegant and wise, and his stories are treasures to be savored. [...] A masterful collection of poignant, clever science-fiction and fantasy stories. 

You can read the rest here, and check in tomorrow for a Spoiler Space entry about "Public Safety."


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