Friday, September 27, 2013

You will find it positively fascinating

Here's my schedule for Can-Con, coming up next weekend (October 4-6) in Ottawa:


8:00 PM: News and fun from WorldCon with Cenk Gokce, Marie Bilodeau, and Andrew Barton.

9:00 PM: Humour in Science Fiction with Ira Nayman and Mike Rimar.

10:00 PM: ChiZine party and Ottawa launch of Imaginarium 2013, where I'll be doing a short reading from "The Last Islander."


9:00 AM: SFWA Regional meeting. Coffee and wood-fired Montreal-style bagels for SFWA members in attendance.

10:00 Reading with Kate Hearfield. I'll be reading "Beyond the Fields You Know," a new story from my upcoming collection; Kate will read "For Sale by Owner" and the prologue from her upcoming On Spec story "Traveller, Take Me".

5:00 PM: Multiculturalism in Science Fiction with Yves Menard, Candace Black, and David Hartwell.

6:00 PM: Researching for Fantasy Stories with Karen Dudley and Mike Rimar.

7:00 PM: Law in Science Fiction with Kate Heartfield, Tom Barlow and Lynda Williams.

8:00 PM: You're qualified for SFWA: Should you join?with Derek K√ľnsken, Suzanne Church, and Andrew Barton.

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