Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Can-Con Christmas

Earlier this week I got the almost-final draft of the schedule for Can-Con, Ottawa's Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature. I had a great time the last time I went and it's getting bigger every year, with a terrific slate of guests including GOH and fellow Bundoran author Hayden Trenholm, ChiZine editors Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi, Leah Bobet, Alan Neal and many more. Here's where I'll be:


6 PM in Room 2/3: So This Is Your First Time At a Con with Marie Bilodeau, Farrell McGovern and Agnes Cadieux


10 AM in Room 3: Whither the Republic? with Cenk Gokce, Violette Malan and Paul Marlowe. 

12 PM in Room 1: Languages- How Creative Are They Really? with Leah Bobet, Cenk Gokce and Marie Bilodeau.

3:30 PM in Room 3: I'll be reading my short story "Irregular Verbs" and also a little surprise (see below). (Note: This was previously scheduled at 1:30.)

5 PM in Room 1: The Multiple Character Novel with Violette Malan, M.D. (Dom) Benoit and John Park.

7 PM in Room 3: Female Characters with Kate Heartfield, Leslie Brown and Paul Jarvey 

In other news, I just sold my story "A Visit, A Gift" to the anthology At Year's End from Kazka Press. This is a story that's been kicking around for a few years, looking for the right home, so I'm glad it's finally found one. Since it's only 500 words, it should make a nice topper for the reading and give whoever's there the chance to be the very first people to hear it.

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