Monday, December 07, 2009

Spam, spam, spam, spaceships and spam

A bit of annoying news: it seems my Hotmail account was hacked and a spam e-mail sent out to everyone on my contact list. If you received one of those e-mails I apologize. (Luckily it wasn't anything offensive or pornographic -- and I hope people could tell from the quality of the writing that I wasn't the actual author!)

More happily, LW Perkins, who created that great cover for Fall From Earth, has posted an alternate cover design that she did; it's a great interpretation of the Greyen ships which, like the rendition of the pods she did in the final cover, improves significantly on my description. She's graciously given me permission to reproduce it here; you can also see it and many other great pieces at her website.

Here it is:

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