Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Postdated Czechs

(Hey, I restrained myself last time.)

I got an unexpected surprise in the mail today: my copy of Trochu Divne Kusy 3, the Czech anthology that includes my story "Irregular Verbs" amongst the work of people like Jay Lake, Cat Rambo, Tim Pratt and many others. It's a hardcover, and definitely the nicest book my work has yet appeared in.

How nice is it? It's even got one of those ribbon-bookmark dealies.


Barbara Carlson said...

wow! Congratulations!
This is great. I want to learn Czech to read it.
Did you write it in Czech?

Barbara Carlson said...

...and then I had a look through your impressive reviews & story placements & new book. AND saw Leo - what a little darling. It HAS been a good year!
And say hello to Megan for us.

John was chuffed to see you used his portrait of you on your blog. "Chuffed" is good!