About Irregular Verbs and Other Stories

The Big Idea: Matthew Johnson, in which I talk about the big ideas behind the stories in the collection -- and all the little ideas too.

My Favorite Bit: Matthew Johnson Talks About Irregular Verbs and Other Stories, where I talk about how my favourite parts of the collection are those I didn't write, and also icebergs.

The Scariest Part: Matthew Johnson Talks About Irregular Verbs and Other Stories, in which I blame my son for making me write the scariest story in the book.

The Story Behind Irregular Verbs and Other Stories, in which I explain why I write spec fic and why writing is about finding out who hurts the most.

Selected Genre-Related Articles

The Future, One Thing at a Time. It's conventional wisdom in science fiction that the future doesn't come one thing at a time. History, however, shows that this rule simply isn't accurate. (Clarkesworld 10/12)

Food and Fiction. Food has been an integral element of storytelling since Eve ate the apple, and science fiction and fantasy are no exception. It's true that food has had a lower profile in the fantastic genres than in literature as a whole—but while it's rarely the star of the show, food frequently plays an essential role. (Clarkesworld 2/12)

Away From Paris. Distance is what lets science fiction and fantasy do things no other genre can do. (Speculations: A ChiSeries Blog 5/2012)

Mind Meld: Movies that are better than the books they're based on. SFSignal, May 13 2015.

Mind Meld: Great books under 350 pages. SFSignal, June 10 2015.

Mind Meld: Obscure books we love and why you should read them. SFSignal, August 26, 2015.

Selected Non-Genre Articles

To Share or Not to Share: Online Privacy and Publicity Among Canadian Youth. Transition, Volume 44, Number 1, 2014

Life Online: Canadian Students Are More Connected, More Mobile and More Social Than Ever. A Platform for Good, January 22, 2014.

Seven Going on Seventeen: Selling Sexuality to Kids. Psychology Benefits Society (American Psychological Association), November 5, 2013.

Constant Surveillance: Youth Privacy in a Digital Age. Family Online Safety Institute, May 8, 2013.

Helping Kids to Be Well in a Digital World. Visions, Volume 2, Number 9, 2013.

Media and Morality. Talk Media Blog, January 18, 2013.

From Protection to Empowerment: Reframing the Conversation on Youth Privacy Education. Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, September 2011.

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