Press Kit

Matthew Johnson has been interviewed hundreds of times in print, radio and television. He has also presented to Parliamentary committees, academic conferences and governments and organizations around the world, frequently as a keynote speaker.

Selected Media Appearances 


CTV National News
CBC National News
The National (CBC)
Al-Jazeera English
Canada AM


The Globe and Mail
The Toronto Star
Radio Canada International
Agence France-Presse
Montreal Gazette
The National Post
Elle Canada
The Huffington Post
BBC News Magazine
The Christian Science Monitor

Speculative Fiction interview (this nine-part interview is one of the texts for a distance education course in SF offered by Ontario community colleges.)

Selected Public Appearances

Medialit Research and Advocacy: Lessons from Canada. SXSWEdu, March 9 2015.

The Politics of Surveillance Workshop: Advancing Democracy in a Surveillance Society. University of Ottawa, May 9 2014.

Social Media and Digital Maturity: Implications for National Security. Center for Excellence for National Security, Nanyang University, November 1 2013.

Canadian Internet Forum. Canadian Internet Registry Authority, September 16 2013.

Cyberbullying and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Senate Committee on Human Rights, April 30 2012.

Diversity, Media and Representation. United Nations Association of Canada, March 29 2012.


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