Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where I'll be at the Toronto International Book Fair

Just back from World Fantasy (which was great, by the way) and tomorrow I'm off again for the Toronto International Book Fair. I've been organizing SFWA's participation in collaboration with the invaluable Jaym Gates: we'll have a table at booth 118 in the Marketplace where you can chat with SFWA authors, buy books and/or have them signed and pick up informational materials about SFWA.

We're also having two SFWA-sponsored events:

SFWA Showcase: I'll have the honour of introducing readings by members A.M. Dellamonica, Ed Hoornaert, Robin Riopelle and Karina Sumner-Smith at 5:30 on the Spark Stage. Hang around after to catch a bunch of great CZP authors on the same stage, talking about the legacy of Shirley Jackson and her successors.


SFWA Presents: The Future Ain't What It Used to Be at 5:00 on the Spark Stage. Despite the amazing technological advances of the last fifty years, our world looks very different from the future predicted by science fiction. This panel asks the question of what role SF writers play in predicting and preparing us for the future. Stephanie Bedwell, Julie Czerneda and Douglas Smith will discuss these questions with Andrew Barton moderating. 
I'll also be participating in Put That On Your Bookshelf: Quirky Shorts on Saturday at 3:30 on the Discovery Stage alongside D.D. Miller and Shawn Syms, where I'll be reading about 6 minutes' material from Irregular Verbs and Other Stories.

There will be signing sessions after each of these events. If you'd like to meet participating members outside of those sessions, you can come visit the SFWA table at the following times:


7PM to 8PM: Matthew Johnson
8 PM to 10PM: Jaym Gates


10 AM to 12 AM: Suzanne Church
12 AM to 2 PM: Alyx Dellamonica
2PM to 4PM: Ed Hoornaert, Jaym Gates, Matthew Johnson
4PM to 6PM: Eric Choi, Madeline Ashby
6PM to 8PM: Derwin Mak, Matthew Johnson


10 AM to 12 AM: Robin Riopelle, Matthew Johnson
12 AM to 2 PM: Andrew Barton, Matthew Johnson
2PM to 4PM: Douglas Smith, Jaym Gates
4PM to 6PM: Gina Grant
6PM to 8PM: Stephanie Bedwell‐Grime, Jaym Gates


10 AM to 12 AM: Julie Czerneda, Karina Sumner-Smith
12 AM to 2PM: Jaym Gates
2PM to 6 PM: Matthew Johnson


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