Friday, June 06, 2014

Preview review roundup

For all you pre-orderers and early adopters, two reviews of Irregular Verbs and Other Stories are already out. First up is the one from Publishers Weekly, which says "Readers interested in modern speculative fiction would be strongly recommended to make this their next choice."

Next comes the Toronto Star, which says "Debut collections of short stories sometimes hit like a band’s breakout first album, its material gathered from a writer’s early and often most creative years. Such, anyway, is the feeling you get reading Irregular Verbs and Other Stories, Ottawa author Matthew W. Johnson’s meaty collection of speculative short fiction... Johnson also bends and twists genre conventions, with highly original riffs on everything from superhero to zombie fiction. But no matter how bizarre the setting, his stories always keep a focus on how individuals cope with the stress of these disruptions and intrusions into strange new worlds. Luckily his characters are sensitive but adaptable types, and given the plastic nature of Johnson’s universe another jump in time or space, or genre, is often the solution closest to hand."


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