Friday, March 22, 2013

Ad Astra

Here's my schedule for this year's Ad Astra convention, which is being held April 5-7 at the Markham Holiday Inn & Suites in "Toronto":

Friday 7 pm Franklin Mainstream Zombies: the Walking Dead Panel with David Clink, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, and Adam Blendick    
The television adaptation of The Walking Dead is arguably the most mainstream zombies have ever been – and they don’t even call them zombies! Whether the show measures up when compared to the classic image of the zombie, or even to its own source material, is the meat of the debate in this panel.  Also on the slab will be what makes zombies so popular, and just how original this story truly is.      
Friday 10pm Floor 2, Suite 2 - Reading: East Block Irregulars with Matt Moore. Matt's going to read his great story "Delta Pi" and I'll probably be reading an original story from my upcoming collection with CZP. 

Saturday 10 am Berczy A Alternate Canadian Histories with Neil Jamison-Williams and Eric Choi.
What if the Vikings had successfully settled Atlantic Canada? What if Louis XV had kept Quebec in the Treaty of Paris in 1763? What if the war of 1812 had a different outcome? Or if the Red River Rebellion had resulted in an independent republic of Assiniboia? What would our country look like today?  This panel examines the options.
Saturday 11 am Ellsemere East Creating a Successful Alternate History with Derek Kunsken, Stephen Hunt, Neil Jamison-Williams and Ed Greenwood.
When we talk about alternate histories, Steampunk is an obvious standout, but there are countless ways of using the principles of alternate timelines in fantasy and science fiction. By combining thorough research with a few basic rules of thumb, we can re-examine our present by rewriting our past.
Saturday 4 30 pm Berczy B - Autograph Session (to 6 pm)

Saturday 9 PM Suite 1410 Bundoran Press book launch! We'll be launching my new novella "The Salt and Iron Dialogues" along with new e-book editions of several other Bundoran books. I'm don't know yet how you do a launch for an e-book, but I'm sure Hayden has it all figured out!

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