Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My SFContario schedule

Where did the time go? It's just over a week 'til SFContario 2011, and I haven't posted my schedule yet. Well, here it is:


7:30: Reading in the Room 207 (not the Gardenview, as I previously said.) I haven't decided what I'll be reading yet -- suggestions? Hodo kwaja will be served!

9:00: I'll be skipping two parties to participate in Considerations in Game Design in the Parkview along with John Mansfield, Adam Shaftoe, and Alex Pantaleev.


Busy afternoon! At 1:00 I'll be on Far Future SF in Ballroom A with Beverly Bambury, Jeff DeLuzio, Hayden Trenholm, and Robert Charles Wilson. "Far future SF has been a staple of the genre since the beginning. How has it reflected the time in which the stories were written – the hopes, fears, concerns and limitations of the present day. What can we learn by examining the far future fiction of the past and the present day?"

At 2:00 I'll be signing copies of Fall From Earth on the Bridge (you have the bridge, Mr. Sulu) next to Stephen B. Pearl. If I have time I'll get some more hodo kwaja to hand out, if not you can have the ones left over from Friday night. (They're good a day later, just not as good.)

At 3:00 I'll be moderating the Linguistics for Fiction panel in the Solarium with Alex Pantaleev, Lawrence Schoen, and Karl Schroeder. "From Tolkien to Game of Thrones writers and moviemakers have paid attention to the development of created languages. What goes into creating an authentic language? How do biology and psychology help determine language?"

Finally, at 5 I'll be on the Pulps and History panel in the Parkview with David G. Hartwell, Andrew Specht, Lorna Toolis, and Derek Kunsken.

Nothing booked for Sunday -- who's up for lunch?

Edit: My Friday has filled up with day job stuff, so I may not have time to get the hodo kwaja. Also, I'm contributing one original postcard-sized story (250-500 words), to be written on a postcard from an interesting place, to the SFContario charity auction. You can see all the items for auction here; the silent phase will be all day Saturday (sheets near the registration desk) and the live auction will open Sunday at 2 in the Ballroom.

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