Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ten pounds of news in a five-pound bag

Lots of news, all at once! First off, I had a terrific time at SFContario last weekend, seeing old friends and making new ones as well as participating in a number of really interesting panels (both from the stage and from the audience, though I tried to keep my big mouth shut in the latter case.) Thanks to the organizers for a terrific con.

Second, the reviews for Triangulation: End of the Rainbow are starting to come in, and Jo-Anne Odell at Tangent says of my story "Talking Blues" that "it's the underlying social commentary, presented tongue-in-cheek, that gives this tale depth" and concludes "Triangulation: End of the Rainbow is one of the better collections available."

But that's not all! My story "Holdfast" is going live at Fantasy Magazine this coming Monday, December 6 -- and it's already been selected for Rich Horton's The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2011 Edition, for those of you who prefer reading things on paper.

Finally, some great news concerning a much better writer than me, the late John M. Ford. I had almost resigned myself to never getting to read any more new work from him, but I knew that at least part of his last novel Aspects had been finished; it turns out there was more done than had originally been thought, and what exists will be published some time in the near future by Tor (with an introduction by Neil Gaiman, naturally.) And since more Mike Ford in the world is just about the best news I can imagine, I'll sign off there.

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