Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Per aspera ad astra!

Emerging from the depths again with bits of news here and there:

I wrote another new story last month, and both it and the previous one have already had their baptisms by fire... one rejection each so far.

Meanwhile, I sold another story -- this time it's Talking Blues, to the anthology Triangulation: Over the Rainbow. I've been in two of the previous three anthologies in this series, so it's great to be in this one. They're a terrific market for stories that don't fit neatly into categories, and this one certainly counts. To summarize is inevitably to diminish (or at least it is in this case) so I'll just hold off trying to describe it for now and post the first few paragraphs when the book comes out.

Most importantly, I made a last-minute decision about a month or two ago to attend Ad Astra in Toronto, and the organizers were much more accomodating than I had any right to expect about letting me participate in the programming. Here's where I'll be when:

Sat 12 PM Superheroes on the printed page (Salon 443)

Sat 3 PM Time travel that alters history (Salon 343)

Sat 7 PM Body and person in SF (Salon 243)

Sun 10 AM Writing the future (Salon 243)

Sun 12 PM Modern mythology (Ballroom centre)

(For advanced students: name something I've written that is relevant to each of the above topics.)

I'll also be bringing plenty of copies of Fall From Earth to flog, so if you're looking for a copy look me up!

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