Thursday, April 22, 2010

Holding fast

Latest news is that I've sold my latest story, "Holdfast," to Fantasy Magazine. Sean Wallace announces acceptances on his Livejournal as he sends them out, so I was able to see that I was one of three Canadian writers who sold stories there at the same time; the others are Tony Pi, whom I got to meet recently at Ad Astra (we were also on a couple of panels together) and Sarah Totton, whom I met at the launch party for Tesseracts Ten way back when. And so the Canadian takeover of science fiction and fantasy continues...

Speaking of Canadian SF, On Spec has put an issue online as a sample for people unfamiliar with that great magazine. I don't have a story in that issue, but Tony does, along with Jack Skillingstead and a lot of other great writers. Check it out!

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