Thursday, February 18, 2010

One thing that sucks about the Internet...

... is that now you can get bad news very, very quickly -- and totally indirectly: between Twitter and Facebook I've found out that two other writers have been told they've been nominated for the Aurora. Since my mailbox is empty, this almost certainly means... I wasn't.

One shouldn't care about this stuff, of course, and usually I don't... I suppose it's because this year I undertook a campaign to get nominated. I feel a bit like Bart Simpson in the episode where he has to pass a history test to pass the fourth grade: it's not that I failed, it's that I tried and failed. Congrats, however, to all the worthy nominees (I don't actually know who was nominated in the English short fiction category, but I have no doubt they were all worthy and probably all better stories than mine.)


Anonymous said...


Don't dispair. I tried to get noticed twice before I finally was. Then I got four consecutive short fiction nominations before I finally won. And now I have my second novel nom -- how long will I have to wait before I win that one?!

Keep writing, keep blogging and go to afew more conventions. It's the fans who send in the most nominations.

Your stable mate

Matthew Johnson said...

Yeah, I know -- I need to get on the personal side of this business a bit more, rather than just publishing stories and hoping people like them. I'll see you at Ad Astra, and congrats on your nom for Steel Whispers!

Val Grimm said...

There are people out there who appreciate your work. Keep plugging away! I certainly want to see you win an Aurora ( :