Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Where I'll be at Worldcon

I'm not participating in Worldcon in any offical way, but there are two official events I'll be part of: my novel Fall From Earth is being launched by publisher Bundoran Press on Friday night at 8 PM at the Delta Centre-Ville Hotel, Suite 2815, 777 University Street, Montréal, Quebec. It's right after the Aurora Award ceremonies (and in the same room) so why not come for both. I'll also be reading a small part in a radio-play version of the classic story "The Cold Equations" at 7 PM on Saturday in room P-513B. (Don't worry, it'll be over before the balloon animal demonstration.)

Where I won't be, though I wish I could, is the panel The Life and Work of John M. Ford, which is at 5 PM on Thursday. There is simply no writer more important to me and my work than Ford, and it seems unfair that something so insignificant as space and time should prevent me from attending this event... if you're in Montreal on Thursday afternoon, don't let that happen to you.

Outside of these events, if anyone would like to say "Hi" feel free to leave a note in my pigeon-hole in the Voodoo Message Board (see page 9 of the programme.) I'll be on-site from Friday AM (though I'm only attending panels on the weekend) to late Sunday afternoon.


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