Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Desire, Kisses and Blurbs

I was pleased and surprised yesterday to find the eighth anniversary issue of Aoife's Kiss (issue #29, for the record) had arrived in the mail. Pleased because it includes my story "The Ninth Part of Desire." (This now means that every one of my Asimov's stories has been reprinted or translated somewhere, which is kind of interesting -- you'd think it would be the stories that appeared in the little bitty anthologies that got reprinted, since fewer people would have seen them, but no. Of course, it may be that the ones Asimov's bought are better stories.) Surprised because... well, remind me to tell you that story someday.

Meanwhile, Rich Horton has been kind enough to provide a cover blurb for Fall From Earth. There wasn't enough time to get him a review copy before the cover went to print so he contributed an astonishingly generous and flattering overview of my work, which I'm far too weak to resist reprinting here:

"Matthew Johnson's short stories in the past few years have revealed as fresh and original a new voice as any in our field, and a voice with impressive range, as he's produced first-rate alternate history/fantasy, Borgesian intellectual speculation, and near-future SF. I'm enthusiastically looking forward to a novel."

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