Thursday, May 28, 2009

A "Lagos" movie? Well, sort of... Plus, an unexpected form of time travel, and a twit Tweets

When I first read about the Mexican science fiction film Sleep Dealer last Fall I thought, "That sounds a lot like 'Lagos'" -- an apparently I'm not the only one: John E. Rogers Jr., reviewing that film for (naturally) Asimov's, opens his review with a long paragraph describing my story (the word "superb" does pop up... just sayin'.) I haven't seen the film yet (though I suspect my video store will get it when it comes out on DVD, they carry an impressive number of foreign films) but it's neat to see the same ideas coming up somewhere else.

In other news... I'm currently deep in revisions of Fall to Earth. Cutting the word count is proving to be easier than I thought it would be, but what's weird is working with the sections that have survived from the very first draft, more than ten years ago; it's a bit like having a cross-time conversation with my past overwriting self.

Finally: by order of my boss, I'm now on Twitter. You can follow me by clicking on the button to your right. So far I have two followers at any given time; one of them is admirably loyal, but the #2 spot has been filled by three different people. (I refuse to be one of those "please follow me" people, though I have sent replies to people whom I follow, which seems to be okay. Still figuring out the etiquette of this Twitter thing.)

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