Friday, December 12, 2008

Stuff upcoming

Sorry for the long hiatus, anyone who's reading this, but it's been a busy time at my paying job -- check out the link to Talk Media Blog to see why. (Plus of course the continuing adventures of a certain Mr. Leo.) For now, here's a reminder that the February issue of Asimov's, which includes my story "The Coldest War," will be on the racks around December 20th, just in time to be the perfect stocking stuffer. Also, some big news likely coming in the new year. Stay tuned...


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Karen Jackson said...

Matthew - Just got a ballot for nominating for the Auroras and saw that your 2008 stories are not in the Canadian SF Works Database You might want to go update them!

Congrats on the birth of Leo. Looking forward to reading your new story in Asimovs this month.
-Karen Jackson