Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Highly Irregular

It's easy -- and fun! -- to make fun of Google's automatic translations, but given the theme and content of "Irregular Verbs" I couldn't resist posting the translation of a review of it, originally written in Czech (for the Czech version in Trochu Divne Kusy 3):

"The last representative javorového sheet is Matthew Johnson with povídkou Irregular verbs. Smrt milovaného protějšku je těžké břemeno. Death beloved counterpart, it is difficult burden. Existuje způsob, jak si na něj uchovat stálou vzpomínku, aniž by nedrásala duši, ale působila potěchu z vlastního, společného jazyka? Is there a way to keep him on a permanent memory, without nedrásala soul, but she potěchu own, a common language? Pěkný, originální námět, který autor rozpracoval do přiměřeně dlouhého počtu stran – o to více zapůsobí. Nice, the original idea, which the author developed into an adequate number of parties - the more reasons. "

I think the reviewer liked it, but I'm not sure... any Czech-fluent readers out there who want to clue me in?



Anonymous said...

i think he - and me also - liked the story. just for the record, i am slovak, but czech is close enough to understand it:) nevertheless, good work matthew!!!

Matthew Johnson said...

Thanks for the info. I sometimes wonder if anyone is actually reading this blog, so it's nice to hear comments occasionally...


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