Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Muy cool

Two pieces of cool news today: first, Rich Horton has named "Public Safety" one of his three favorite Asimov novelettes of 2007 (that's out of a total of 23, and ahead of way-better-than-me folks like Nancy Kress, Brian Stableford and Charles Stross). Thanks to fellow Canadian and constant anthology-neighbour Sarah Totton for the info.

More importantly: Harper Collins is reprinting the entire twenty-six black-and-white run of my favorite comic ever, Scott McCloud's Zot! Now I'm glad that I never managed to pick up a copy of volume two, since this 500-page monster will include volumes two and three plus the never-published volume four. If you're not familiar with this terrific comic, do yourselves a favour and check it out -- when it comes out next August. Waah!

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