Friday, August 10, 2007

The gold watch

It's never much fun to retire a story, but usually it's not a difficult decision; after a few rejections I realize that something about the story never quite clicked. The latest story to be trunked is a bit different, though. I've only sent it out to about a half-dozen markets, because its length (10K words) limits the number of places that will look at it, and it's a bit of a weird cross-genre thing so that the rejections I've gotten are mostly of the "good, but not for us" variety (one early rejection of that kind was actually very positive towards the story, which is the main reason I haven't trunked it before).

Ah, well... into the trunk it goes, to await that perfect market...



Anonymous said...

Hmm...have you thought about submitting that story to Tesseracts Twelve? They're taking longer stories and the editor is open to cross-genre stuff. :)


Matthew Johnson said...

Funny you should ask: Tesseracts was the market that most recently rejected it, and the last one on my list. (It was a nice and positive rejection, just a "didn't excite me.")