Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

A sudden burst of reviews for Tesseracts Ten, which is about to be published in the US. My favorite (and fortunately the most widely-seen, I expect) was on the book review site, where Damian Kilby said "Matthew Johnson spins a remarkable fantasy ghost tale in 'Closing Time.' In the world of the story, ghosts of the dead remain to entertain mourners at the wake, with food and entertainment provided for as long as the ghost remains on this plane. Nep Gao, the restaurant-owner protagonist, fears he will be forced into bankruptcy when his father's shade stays on too long, entertaining guests who are all to happy to come every day to enjoy the excellent free food. The story shows both a light, charming sense of humor and a deeper understanding of tradition and its role in family relationships."

Meanwhile, on SFSite Jacob Schmidt said "'Closing Time' by Matthew Johnston is a beautiful and funny little Borgian fantasy about the art of cooking, even though it is slightly marred by a final twist that is not as surprising as it strives to be," while Harrow's Dru Pagliassotti said "'Closing Time' is a charming tale about a garrulous father's ghost who simply won't leave his restaurant to move on to the next world."

All in all, not a bad batch of reviews...

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