Friday, September 08, 2006

"Irregular Verbs" in Fantasy Magazine #4 -- and a review already!

My story "Irregular Verbs," will be out in this Fall's issue of Fantasy Magazine (#4). You can order it here.
Also, Tangent already has a review of it -- you can see it here.
This is Megan's favourite story of mine, so it's nice to see some positive words about it.


The Wildside Press Staff said...

Don't forget the Locus review: "Fantasy Magazine in its fourth issue continues to supply strong literary-oriented fantasy and slipstream. This time around I really liked Matthew Johnson's "Irregular Verbs", about a people supernally skilled in language, whose language is constantly changing, so that small groups, even couples, quickly evolve individual languages. One man loses his wife, and with it their shared language: a loss hecannot bear. So, against tradition, he tries to preserve it, in an unusual way. I though the story both moving and clever: reminiscent,actually, of many of the stories in Ursula Le Guin's Changing Planes."

Matthew said...

I didn't know about the Locus review, thanks. (I really should subscribe.)